Friday, July 22, 2011

Beachy is In Order

Unprecedented. Two blog entries. Same week. Back to back. The chances of this happening again are quite slim.


The new je suis... beach bag just got me in a beach mood, then I saw the new version of SLink's flip flops and I knew that getting half naked was meant to be. So here you have what I put together. I have been wearing it for a week now, so I am pretty sure I like it ;)

Poses : [LAP] by Dove Swanson
Hair : Bo | Maitreya by Onyx LeShelle
Skin : Lustre | Curio by Gala Phoenix
Bikini : Alexa | Artilleri by Antonia Marat
Sarong : Masha Shawl | -SG- Fashion by Sasha Gopheller
Shoes : Sheila Thongs V2 | SLink by Siddean Munro
Bag : prete | je suis... by Julia Merosi
Bangles : grande | je suis... by Julia Merosi

Thursday, July 21, 2011

This One Has Been Cooking For A While

I think I worked on these pictures like three weeks ago. This "blog" is a joke. But jokes are funny so here goes (again) nothing.


The other day I went with a friend to Magic Nook for a mug and bumped into this jumper and I could not help myself. I love clothes that have prim components that are easy to fit and this one is just that. The textures are rich and yummie and the gorgeous colors inspired me to go color crazy and I love the outcome.

2011-07-14 III

2011-07-14 II

Poses : flowey by Flutter Memel
Hair : Miku | Truth by Truth Hawks
Skin : Sara | Tuli by Tuli Asturias
Freckles : Stellar by Lexi Morgan
Blouse : Frilled | ATOMIC by Ivy Graves
Jumper : Bon Bon Dress | MAGIC NOOK by Ayumi Cassini
Socks : Stripe Knit Thigh Highs | Shiny Things by Fallingwater Cellardoor
Shoes : Shiny Things by Fallingwater Cellardoor
Jewelry : je suis... by Julia Merosi

Friday, April 1, 2011

Retro Makes Me Happy


I am a sucker for retro, classic looks. LOVE.

So, when I saw on Plurk that Ingenue was having a sale I felt a tingle on my boobs and headed that way. So here you have the one thing that won my heart over the rest of the things I got. Check out these pants. Do you not want to wear them? Seriously.

Anyway, my posts (if I continue to do this) will be short and sweet. Probably featuring one item and the rest of stuff on the credits because... well... I suck. Like a lot.

On this one, however, I will point out the fact that the bangles are from je suis... and are part of the many items creators have made part of the Pacific Relief Fundraiser. If you haven't participated, lets not forget how much help is still needed and, please, go.

Until next time :)


Pose : IZUMIYA by Izumi Homewood
Hair : Tiny Bird by Autumn Hykova (mouth bobby pin included)
Skin : Curio by Gala Phoenix
Top : by Darling Monday
Pants : Ingenue by Betty Doyle
Shoes : LeLutka by Minnu Palen
Bangles : je suis...

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Lets Get Some Carrots!


I feel like my avie should be shopping for fresh stuff at the farmers' market. LOVE this look. As much as I love every single element of this look I will only talk about the item that inspired it all: the skirt.

It is from anuenue and the textures are rich and delicious. But, most important, it is made by one of our many talented Japanese creators, Marea Kirax. Fortunately she is safe from all the crisis. At this time I don't know if we have lost any designers due to this horrible disaster, but please... say a prayer for everyone affected. It is heartbreaking and we should all do as much as we can to support relief efforts.

I encourage you to, not only support all the Japanese creators that without a doubt make our Second Life richer and more beautiful, but contributing with events such like the Pacific Crisis Fundraiser (100% proceeds to UNICEF) and the Japan Relief Fund (100% proceeds to Red Cross).


Pose : Olive Juice
Hair : Kin
Skin : Curio
Sweater : Artilleri
Skirt : anuenue
Tanktop : Torrid Wear
Shoes : G Fields
Socks : Maitreya
Watch : Sway
Ring : Concrete Flowers
Jewelry : je suis...
Bag : je suis...

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Must Haves

It's official: I have lost my mind. I never thought I would start a blog. And, as a disclaimer, please know that I use the term "start" losely. Let us see if I do more than one post first. I have no idea how to blog and especially how to... "start". So I will simply talk about my favorite items from the batch that has made it into the debacle called my Inventory, old and new. Lets get this show on the road.


Out of the amazing latest release from Sn@tch, these tops just captured my attention and I haven't been able to take them off. As usual, Ivey always gives us the chance of affordable clothes without sacrificing quality. They can be dressed up or down and with a sweater underneath you can wear it all year round. You must have these in your inventory.

The jeans are from Decoy and I'm hoping you already own them. If you don't, stop reading and go get them. Not only they're beautifully textured, it gives you great options for bottom of the legs. And if that is not enough to get you interested.... I mean, just look at that ass.

The shoes from Nardcotix, they cost me... I can't remember how many weeks of rent, but they're worth every penny. Beautiful, easy to match the skin, many options and a classic and simple design that will go with virtually anything you own. The jewelry set is the latest Fifty Linden Friday special from League and, for the benefit of whoever lives under a rock, you cannot go wrong with League. Even if you do not like a certain style, the execution is always impeccable.

Until next time.