Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Must Haves

It's official: I have lost my mind. I never thought I would start a blog. And, as a disclaimer, please know that I use the term "start" losely. Let us see if I do more than one post first. I have no idea how to blog and especially how to... "start". So I will simply talk about my favorite items from the batch that has made it into the debacle called my Inventory, old and new. Lets get this show on the road.


Out of the amazing latest release from Sn@tch, these tops just captured my attention and I haven't been able to take them off. As usual, Ivey always gives us the chance of affordable clothes without sacrificing quality. They can be dressed up or down and with a sweater underneath you can wear it all year round. You must have these in your inventory.

The jeans are from Decoy and I'm hoping you already own them. If you don't, stop reading and go get them. Not only they're beautifully textured, it gives you great options for bottom of the legs. And if that is not enough to get you interested.... I mean, just look at that ass.

The shoes from Nardcotix, they cost me... I can't remember how many weeks of rent, but they're worth every penny. Beautiful, easy to match the skin, many options and a classic and simple design that will go with virtually anything you own. The jewelry set is the latest Fifty Linden Friday special from League and, for the benefit of whoever lives under a rock, you cannot go wrong with League. Even if you do not like a certain style, the execution is always impeccable.

Until next time.

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