Thursday, July 21, 2011

This One Has Been Cooking For A While

I think I worked on these pictures like three weeks ago. This "blog" is a joke. But jokes are funny so here goes (again) nothing.


The other day I went with a friend to Magic Nook for a mug and bumped into this jumper and I could not help myself. I love clothes that have prim components that are easy to fit and this one is just that. The textures are rich and yummie and the gorgeous colors inspired me to go color crazy and I love the outcome.

2011-07-14 III

2011-07-14 II

Poses : flowey by Flutter Memel
Hair : Miku | Truth by Truth Hawks
Skin : Sara | Tuli by Tuli Asturias
Freckles : Stellar by Lexi Morgan
Blouse : Frilled | ATOMIC by Ivy Graves
Jumper : Bon Bon Dress | MAGIC NOOK by Ayumi Cassini
Socks : Stripe Knit Thigh Highs | Shiny Things by Fallingwater Cellardoor
Shoes : Shiny Things by Fallingwater Cellardoor
Jewelry : je suis... by Julia Merosi

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